Since is not funded by any organization, donations to continue this website would be greatly appreciated.  The first 5 years and the web address URL were purchased by private funds.  If all the Parkettes could donate $5 or $10, we could keep this website going for many more years.

Thank you for your help!

Please note:

Each credit card donation transaction will have the following processing and transaction fees applied:

Processing Fee   =  3.75% of the donation value, plus
Transaction Fee  =  $.75 per donation

Donation Fee Example:

Donation Amount:           $25.00
Minus Processing Fee:    $0.94 (3.75% of $25.00)
Minus Transaction Fee:   $0.75

Donation amount net
to The Parkettes:            $23.31

If you would rather send a check:

Please make checks payable to:

The Parkettes Alumni Foundation
c/o Beth Kimball
2069 Ironwood Lane
Mound, MN  55364